Sunday, January 30, 2011

Top 5 DANGEROUS cities in the WORLD!

OK, so i basically got this idea when i was browsing through my friend's website, about a huge volcano that has disastrous effects even now. And I thought to myself, "what places in the world, must a person avoid if they're planning to take a shot at immortality?" And lo and behold! I got the information and now its up to you to read them, if you wanna go there just for the thrill of it, knock yourself out... but if I were you, I would most definitely avoid it!
So here goes, hope you don't live there! :P (Just kidding!)

5. Cape Town. South Africa.
62 killings per 100 000 residents
Cape Town
Crime has been a major problem in South Africa (both for locals and travelers) for many years now, and the murder and robbery statistics loom large in today's society. 

4. New Orleans. The USA.

95 killings per 100 000 residents
New Orleans
The homicide rate in New Orleans ranks way above other American cities and towns, and therefore the city has been named the murder capital of the USA.

3. Caracas. Venezuela.

130 killings per 100 000 residents
Another unsafe destination among world's most dangerous cities is Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. 

2. Ciudad Juárez. Mexico

130 killings per 100 000 residents
Ciudad Juárez
Also Mexico, one of the world's greatest travel destinations thanks to its fascinating history and stunning natural sites, is, unfortunately, facing a serious problem of robbery, kidnapping, sexual assault and drug-related crimes. 


1. Mogadishu. Somalia.

more killings than you can count...
The governments' warnings about traveling to Somalia are unanimous: this African country remains extremely dangerous and there is an enormous risk to anyone's security due to the threat of terrorism, clan-based and ethnic fighting as well as high level of kidnapping and piracy off the coast.
Now, that one, You should definitely avoid!

btw for that website i was talking about, go to this... 

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