Sunday, January 30, 2011

Largest ball of "Magnetic Tape!"

largest ball of magnetic tape On the morning of Wednesday 19th January 2011 the data storage firm EMC had planned to break yet another Guinness World Records title with the largest ball of magnetic tape. As part of EMC’s global initiative, they have already achieved success in Singapore for the most vinyl records broken in 30 seconds (team) and the most people crammed into a new mini cooper in New York. With both these Guinness World Records under EMC’s belt, the pressure was now on for their third and final record to be broken.
Tarika Vara arrived at Kings Place Gallery in Central London to adjudicate a brand new record attempt for the largest ball of magnetic tape. She had been given several measurements of its current weight and dimensions and was keen to see what it looked in its final state.
She arrived into the gallery she was taken back by the sheer size of the giant ball, as it hung from a measuring device, elevated from the ground. It had been made using only data tape which can be found in cassette or VHS tape, by a group of students and engineers in the space of only three weeks!
She was able to talk to a few of the students who were present to see if their efforts had secured them a place in the history books with Guinness World Records. They had informed me what a pleasure it was coming together for what they described as an ‘unusual record’ and were glad to be a part of EMC’s attempt as it was the first time this had been attempted.
largest ball of magnetic tape After assessing the quality of the ball and viewing all of the dimensions of it as well as witnessing it being measured, she was able to confirm that the largest ball of magnetic tape is 2.125 metres in width, 2.030 metres in height and weighs an astounding 580kg making it a brand new Guinness World Records achievement for EMC!

19 January 2011

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