Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 Amazing facts about JUSTIN BIEBER♥♥♥


1.   Named the hottest star of 2009 by J-14 Magazine
2.   Named newcomer of the year by MuchMusic3.   Listed as one of the Top 10 YouTube stars of the decade
4.   His middle name is Drew
5.   Born March 1, 1994.
6.   Favorite Color is blue
7.   He wears a lot of purple
8.   Favorite food is spaghetti.
9.   Speaks fluent French.
10. He’s claustrophobic.
His favorite soda is Sprite.
12. Justin’s idol is Wayne Gretzky.
13. Prefers Mac computers.
14. Favorite number is 6.
15. Has a crush on Beyonce.
16. His favorite shoe brand is Supra.
17. His 3 #1 hits are One Time, One Less Lonely Girl and now Baby.
18. His favorite shows are 
So You Think You Can Dance 

      and Smallville.
19. He is very close to his grandparents. He lived 

      with them.
20. His super power wish is to fly.
21. It only takes him 20 minutes to get ready 

      in the morning.
22. On his first date he spilled spaghetti on his date’s shirt.
23. Has a 4.0 grade point average.
24. His favorite vacation spot is the Bahamas.
25. He’s a really good beat boxer.
26. His favorite basketball team is Cleveland Cavaliers.
27. His favorite song that he wrote is Down To Earth.
28. He hates Ugg boots.
29. His favorite song is So Sick by Ne-Yo.
30. His dog’s name is Sam and is a boy Papillon.

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